Friday, March 6, 2009

This is the view of my back yard from the house. Agreeably beautiful, right? But enough already! I can't wait to get my fingers in the dirt. February and March you can usually find me searching through seed and plant catalogs dreaming of the perfect garden I'll create this year. Thinking of changes I'll make, additions or corrections. It's fun for me to imagine the perfect garden. The hardest part is making it happen.


Thad said...

You are such an amazing gardner! Well, ok your amazing at everything you do! We love and miss you guys so much. The snow is really beautiful but I don't miss the cold.

mom/caryn said...

Well... one thing I know for sure is that Thad has it absolutely right. You ARE amazing at EVERYTHING you do!! I want you to teach me how to make my peonies, delphiniums, and hydrangeas grow. Hydrangeas are driving me crazy! I buy em from my favorite nursery, plant em on the north side of the dappled shade...where they can get good water, I fertilize em, cover em with leaf mulch in the winter, talk to em, sing to em, all but offer human sacrifices to em. They die. So do my ferns. My hostas live, but they don't grow. sigh... Maybe I should just collect stamps.