Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Spring, Happy Everything!

It's been a wonderful few days in the sun and garden. What fun! I finally got my fingers in the dirt, did some pruning, cleaned up what I didn't get to in the fall and put some seeds in the garden. Bring on the rain. "April showers bring May flowers".

After pruning my Flowering Quince bush I brought in the branches and put them in a vase of water. Within two days they are already putting forth leaves and beautiful little coral flowers will follow for a lovely Easter decoration. If you have access to any Spring blooming bushes get a few branches and bring Springtime inside. Pictures will follow as soon as the flowers appear.


mom/caryn said...

Yippie!! I'm so excited for spring. I completely redecorated my kitchen in soft spring colors. I added a picket fence, a loopy birdcage, a few lil birds scattered here and there, and some spring blossoms. It doesn't look as kitcheny... but, it makes me happy.

Man!! What I wouldn't give for a mature quince bush. Think it I bring in some branches from my crabapple tree, they'll bloom for me?

J Black said...

I just "discovered" your blog and I'm so happy to find that you are going to share your gardening and cooking and life's wisdom with us! I too have been pooring over my gardening books and schemeing over plot arrangements, what and where to propogate, what new to try, etc. etc. I'm new at this and I've often thought about you and the questions I'd ask you, so hurray! Now I can so easily!

Jade said...

How do you know if it is a bush that will bloom? I need you to come show me please!

Jenna said...

Yeah for you, Aunt Trina! I'm so glad you are doing this. I know you have so much wisdom and helpful knowledge to share. I have been really, really wanting to start a garden of my own, but alas, in the urban setting I can't find a plot within walking distance. I tried it the summer Lincoln was born, and the poor thing (garden, not Lincoln) was miserably ignored since I couldn't always drive to get there. Ahh well, I will take copious notes from your blog and store them away for future use. In the meantime I am in the process of starting a Riggs blog. I have three entries, but I'm still stuck on choosing the right background. Hopefully it can soon be added to your blogging list! Love you!